Hi, I'm Connie Henry

My three grands.jpg


Here is a picture of my three grandchildren, my primary motivators!  My husband DeWitt and I have lived in Watertown for more than 40 years, raising our family, developing lasting friendships and joining different community efforts. One of the things we appreciate about living here is a sense of community and neighbors helping one another. I have worked on many committees, including serving as a board member on the Arsenal Center for the Arts, and current committees of YardArt and  Watertown Arts Market, a founding member of Watertown Citizens for Environmental Safety (now Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice, and the Environment), and a facilitator for the Kingian Response Team.


My professional experience began when I was a work-study student at college and  worked in after-school programs in Boston. I knew that I wanted to become a teacher, and taught every grade from Pre-Kindergarten to sixth grade.  Mathematics education became a passion of mine as it has traditionally been taught in a way that is not successful for many students.I recently retired from Boston Public Schools, where I served as the Assistant Director of K-12 Mathematics with a focus on supporting teachers with strategies that serve and engage all children. 

I believe that just as engagement is key for learning, civic engagement is key for a healthy, growing  community.

 Local Elections Matter