As Watertown grows, I will advocate for ways to work together as residents,  public institutions, and businesses to envision and plan for the future, including as a model for acting locally on climate issues.


We have an opportunity to engage in important civic conversations, implement equitable and just solutions, and grow our community thoughtfully and with sustainability and future generations in mind.

Thoughtful development of new properties

Community input and attention to the surrounding neighborhood are critical as new properties are being developed, including the Sterritt and Russo’s properties. Given that the Russo property is zoned for mixed commercial use, we can consider amenities for the neighborhood as well as business, such as a local fresh market included on the first floor of the building.


Local actions that address climate issues. 

As a district and town, we celebrate the opening of the new Cunniff School, the first public elementary school in Massachusetts to be “net zero”, producing as much energy as it uses, and LEED Gold! We are demonstrating our commitment to the environment to our children.  We must continue to be a leader in addressing the urgent issue of climate change and to commit to a strong and robust climate action plan.


Care and expansion of green and recreational spaces.

In addition to  preserving and caring for our existing green spaces, there is an opportunity for the town to acquire Walker Pond, a 7-acre site behind Gore Place, and restore it as a protected green space with access to the river. In addition, we can envision and build accessible and inviting new recreational spaces,  such as “pocket parks” along Pleasant Street and other areas. The town's Climate Action Plan can be strong roadmap for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adding additional renewable energy requirements.

Investment in education 

As a teacher, Connie values and knows deeply the importance of public education  that welcomes, serves, and engages every child and family. She is committed to full and robust funding for schools that can support teachers and administrators in achieving excellence for all students.


Support for a  vibrant arts community

Watertown has much to offer its residents, businesses, and visitors and the arts can contribute to the unique character of Watertown. Inspired by our Public Arts Plan, we can continue to offer opportunities to participate and enjoy the creativity within our community.

I am dedicated to a local government that is inclusive, responsible, and responsive.

Support for Charter Revisions

We have the opportunity to vote our charter revisions this November. These revisions will offer Watertown greater transparency and accountability from its local government officials and will promote greater communication and community engagement.In addition, the Town Council will adopt a Human Rights ordinance to create a Human Rights Commission.

Maintenance and renovation  of our roads and sidewalks.  

We need to be able walk, bike and ride safely within Watertown.  Connie will be responsive to your issues, supports the town’s complete streets program, including the renovation of Highland Avenue, and will continue to advocate for measures to address traffic issues. The Pleasant Street shuttle is a great addition to public transit and can be a model for other shuttles in the town and district.


We need to continue to find ways to support affordable housing for homeowners and renters. The Municipal Affordable Housing Trust and accessible dwelling units (ADU) represent recent and strong action by the Town Council to increase affordability for seniors and others.